Are You Mad Enough?

Over the last few posts, I’ve shared a little of my story, some basic techniques to make your money listen, and I’ve shown you how you can be prepared for life’s little emergencies.

All of that planning leads up to this point. 

Now we start talking about getting out of debt!

Paying off your credit cards!

Getting those nagging bill collectors off of your back!

And most importantly finding freedom in your finances to do things you never thought you could do!

But before we do that, I need to ask you something: Are you Mad Enough?

Taking control of your finances and paying off debt is all about a mindset. It’s a fairly simple process – but STAYING out of debt is another thing.

Before you can truly get focused and passionate about getting out of debt, you need to be angry enough to not let it happen again!

If you’re not ticked off to the point of demanding change in your life, this won’t work for you. You’ll fall back into the complacency of always having payments to make. Always having a car payment. Always having credit cards.

You have to break that chain of thought and come at it from a whole new angle.

Are you mad enough?

Here’s a test:

  1. Get all of your statements for credit cards, car payments, personal loans, and any other debts you have for the last 3 months
  2. Find out what your interest rates are on those items
  3. Look at how much you paid in interest on those debts
  4. Add up all the interest for each month

How much was it?

I bet it’s a lot.

Now, consider that dollar amount that you’ve paid in JUST interest. That’s what you’re paying over and above what the actual item cost you.

Ask yourself this: If you had that much extra money each month, what could you do with it?

– Take a vacation?

– Save it and Buy a new car with cash?

– Give generously to a charity that you’ve always believed in?

Well, instead of doing THAT thing with the money – you’re stuck paying it to a bank, so their CEO can take a vacation, go buy a new car, and do whatever he or she wants with the money.


Oh, but don’t get mad at the CEO of the bank, they just made an agreement with you to cover your costs in exchange for some monetary incentives.  They agreed to pay for that new computer in exchange for 24.99% APR interest rates. They only kept up their end of the bargain.

To find out the person who caused this mess take a good long look in the mirror. It’s YOU.

You can get mad at yourself, or get mad at the situation and change your circumstances.

You dug a hole for yourself and now you feel trapped. There’s only one way out and you have to WANT it more than anything to reach solid ground. You won’t succeed if you try to dig your way out, that’ll only put you deeper into the ground. So, before we look much further, I need to know:


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