One Hundred and Twenty Six Days ~ Re-Do

It’s been 126 days since my last post.

I know, there are some tears, you all have missed me, but really, I’m sure that you may want to know one thing:


126 days is just about 4 months. 1/3 of a year. A lot of things can be done in that time. My Debt Free Do Over is in full swing – so I decided to re-do some things… Here are a few of the things that I “re”-did:

1) I re-took a finance class that got me fired up for my goal of getting out of debt.
2) I re-evaluated my budget, my debt elimination plan and my goals.
3) I re-worked my schedule so I could take on some extra jobs to reach some personal goals.

When I talk about my goals and plans, I’m not necessarily using brand new ideas – in fact the ideas that I talk about are really my personal perspective on the teachings of other financial gurus.

The advice may not be original, but the perspective is!

This is why I re-took a finance class this summer. Doing that helped me to refocus my efforts and really allowed me to jump into Reason Why #2 – my wife and I evaluated, ripped apart, and put back together our budget and debt elimination plan. The re-vamped, re-designed and more efficient plan put our end goal in sight!

Which in turn led to Reason Why #3: Truth is, I haven’t blogged much because of how I operate. If I have a clear goal in front me – my goal is to achieve that goal as fast as humanly possible.

When my GPS tells me I should arrive at my destination in 15 minutes, my goal is to get there in 12!

My goal is now written out in front of me. I look at it every single day – and seeing this goal is pushing me to see how quickly I can take that goal down and claim victory!

I’m working a lot of overtime and putting a bunch of time into some side jobs just to get that extra money to throw at my debt.

One of my financial heroes, Dave Ramsey, says “There’s a great place to go when you’re broke…to WORK!”

In 126 Days, My Do Over got a Re-Do and THE AWESOME is just beginning!

My challenge to you: When was the last time you REviewed your Budget? RE-Evaluated your goals? What wheels can you put in motion to reach those goals? Take the next week or month or 126 days to figure that out and then make it happen!

Thanks for reading!

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